Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Louis CK has been writing in television and film for a little over 2 decades. He's written for the likes of Letterman, Conan O' Brien, Chris Rock, and SNL.

He started his stand-up career nearly 25 years ago. His journey has taken him from open mics, unpaid gigs, opening for Jerry Seinfeld, to being (I consider) the funniest, most relevant, comedian of our time. If you haven't seen his most recent specials "Shameless", "Chewed Up", or "Hilarious" (the latter 2 he also directed). You do yourself and possibly the entire human race a disservice. I hope I'm not overselling.

So now that Louis CK has completely conquered the world of stand-up, what does he do now? Well all he's done is create the single greatest comedic television series of all-time with "Louie". He's starred, written, directed, and edited every single episode of the first 2 seasons (2 episodes left for season 2 as I'm writing this). Having all the creative control has really allowed the show and CK himself to flourish.

"Louie" tackles religion, love, being a single parent, racism, and being a fat, white, middle aged guy (I know a lot about this). He chooses to write what he knows and finds truth, beauty, and the ugliness of it all. Which is one of the main reasons the show works so well. He's not afraid to talk about how much his daughters mean to him . On more than a few occasions he shows us moments of absolute perfect love for his daughters that are emotionally devastating. They are his everything and I'm not quite sure he could find something worth living for without them. This isn't to say he shy's away at just how ridiculous, selfish, and spiteful children (especially your own) can be.

I could keep writing on and on about the scenes with Ricky Gervais, his lesbian mother, his racist aunt, his scene with crucified Jesus, and even Dane Cook (yes Dane Cook, who had an absolutely brilliant scene with CK that was so good it made me rethink my hatred of the superfinger himself) .

"Louie" reminds us of how comedy is supposed to work. You take all the piss and shit from life and you figure out a way to laugh at it. This is how we cope. Louis CK has just shown this better than anyone before him. He doesn't just teach us new ways to get through this life with all the scars and pain. He also shows us how to get through it with a smile.

The first season of "Louie" is currently streaming on Netflix. You should take the time.
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